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CHURCH MEMBERS: Those members who wish to leave a prayer request or praise report, please call the above number. After the beep please state your name and request/report clearly! It will be put out on the One Call as soon as possible!

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1542 Greenleaf Rd

Columbus, OH 43223

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If you have any questions, comments or suggestions about the website, please feel free to email the website coordinator at:

Our Website Coordinator

Website Coordinator & Church Photographer Lee Gamble


It has been a wonderful experience to oversee the website. I have tried to do this as best I can with two things in mind: First, this is SWFWB Church's website, I have simply been privileged to oversee and maintain it. Second, I make very sure that everything that is on this website in some way, shape or form points to one thing and one thing alone, Jesus Christ! It is my sincere hope that everyone who visits this site gets blessed by the content they encounter. I hope it will in some small way help you to draw closer to the Lord!!!

1542 Greenleaf Rd.

Columbus, OH 43223


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