Evangelist Freddy Dutton


Freddy Dutton gave his heart to the Lord Jesus Christ in November of 1967 and accepted the call into the ministry in December of 1970. He was licensed as a minister through the Free Will Baptist Denomination in 1971 and was ordained as a minister in August of 1972. Freddy has served as a pastor for the Mansfield Free Will Baptist Church in Mansfield, OH from 1974 - 1984. He was also the Pastor of the First Free Will Baptist Church in Garland, TX from 1984-1987. Freddy was also the Pastor of the Westside Free Will Baptist Church in Columbus, OH from 1987 - 2003. He has a broad education which includes a Bible diploma from Liberty University in Lynchburg VA. He also carries a Bachelors degree, Masters degree and a Doctorate in theology from the Andersonville Seminary in Camilla, GA. He has been married to his wife Terry since May 1970 and they have one son Christopher, a daughter-in-law Sarah and a grandson named Chandler.


When it comes to being an Evangelist, Freddy says "My heart's desire is that we might have revival at the local church. Charles G. Finney said {a revival consists in the return of the church in her backsliding and in the conversion of sinners}. A revival is a new beginning in obedience to God, where Christians will have their faith renewed, the Savior is exalted and sinners are saved. Earnest prayer and the preaching of the cross are the means God uses to bring about revival."


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